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Cut Vegetable Series

Frozen Vegetable SeriesHAISAI!

Providing Okinawan vegetables that are always crisply fresh.

Crisply fresh flavor, anytime.


With the introduction of our rapid freezer machine (IQF - Individually Quick Frozen), we are now able to supply vegetables all year round. With respect to quality, in order not to lose any freshness, items are frozen on a vibrating belt that takes roughly 6 minutes to pass through a tunnel freezer with a temperature of -40℃ or less, which protects vegetable cell integrity, allowing the freezing of items with no loss in color, flavor or texture. Working with frozen vegetables has allowed us to ship processed vegetables that were previously only able to be shipped within Okinawa to a greater scope of areas including other parts of Japan and Asia.

Steamed Vegetable Series HAISAI!

Providing naturally fresh flavor with the latest steam technology.

Capitalizing on natural flavors.

Vegetables are steamed using steam heated to temperatures of from 100℃ to more than 300℃.

Using heated steam means that vegetables retain their juiciness even at high temperatures, and they are able to be prepared without destroying their fibers, so none of their flavor components are lost. Furthermore, the preparation environment has an oxygen concentration of 0.1%, which allows preservation with no oxidization or destroying of vitamins, making for flavorsome cooking.

Cut Vegetable Series

Fresh vegetables to add color to your dining table every day.

We focus on vegetable freshness, and our ordering system responds to customer needs.

Our vegetables pass quality and hygiene management standards. Try some for yourself today.

Cut Raw Consumption Vegetables (Pack) Series

Green Field also produces many ready-made vegetable packs for a safe way to add fresh color to your dining table every day.