Green Field Ltd.

Focus on safety and peace of mind

Focus on Safety and Peace of Mind

Company and contract farmer initiatives
We use vegetables delivered directly from our own farms or contracted farmers--they arrive with the promise of safety and freshness on their faces.
Production factory initiatives
We aim for further safety and security at our factory, where production takes place based on meticulous hygiene management.
From farm to store
Customers receive only those items that have met many hygiene management standards.

ISO 22000 certification.

Our cut vegetable factory has obtained ISO 22000 certification.

Our factory design is also compliant with HACCP production, and is the largest facility of its kind in the prefecture. Furthermore, it is the first location in Okinawa to pass the strict hygiene inspection by the U.S. Army in Japan Veterinary Corps Food Inspection Department, enabling us to deliver cut fruit and vegetables to American military bases within Okinawa.

The factory interior includes a quality control room, and we carry out inspections for microbes daily in order to keep any microbes on our vegetables under control.

An industry-first for Okinawa!

Meet our farmers

1. Introducing our local and contracted farms

  • ・During the winter and spring seasons, we grow cabbage, lettuce, leaf lettuce, onions and green peppers on our local Okinawan farm.
  • ・During the summer and autumn seasons we grow mainly on designated farms and contracted farmers outside Okinawa.
  • ・We keep a thorough cultivation journal and historical records.
  • ・We promote reduced use of agrichemicals and chemical fertilizers.

▲Staff at our Okinawa farm

Okinawa Farm (winter and spring production area)

Ozato, Nanjo City, Okinawa

Every day we deliver to our factory the fresh and delicious produce we grow taking advantage of Okinawa's warm climate: leaf vegetables such as lettuce and cabbage in the winter, and mangoes in the summer.

Yasai Club (summer and autumn production area)

Jomo Kogen, Gunma

Making use of the abundant nature and cold climate at the extensive foot of Mount Akagi (600-800m above sea level), we send plateau vegetables such as lettuce and cabbage directly to Okinawa three times a week.

The production process

1. Receipt of raw materials
Quality examinations and checks concerning production areas with radiation shipment restrictions are carried out.
2. Preliminary washing
Grime, dust and dirt are washed from the surface of the vegetables.
3. Cutting
Inedible portions are removed, and the remainder cut into easily eatable sizes.
4. Preparatory washing
The cut vegetables are evenly washed using bubbling in tap water for 2 min.
5. Sterilization washing
The cut vegetables are evenly washed using bubbling in electrolyzed water for 2 min. (Electrolyzed water is flavorless, odorless, and non-toxic water created by mixing table salt in tap water, which then undergoes electrolysis)
6. Refrigerated washing
The vegetables are washed in tap water that has been refrigerated to under 7℃, reducing the core temperature of the vegetables to under 10℃.By doing so, the vegetables have increased crispness and can delay any loss in freshness.
7. Rinsing
Excess water is removed.
8. Weighing and packaging
9. Metal inspection
Each product bag is tested one by one to see whether it contains any metal or stainless steel.
10. Boxing
11. Final shipping!
The products are sent to distribution centers in trucks refrigerated to under 10℃.
Further peace of mind through traceability!

Traceability is transparency in the process up to delivery to customers.

It is Green Field's way of disclosing information to our customers for their "peace-of-mind" and "trust."